Union of Individual Entrepreneurs and Legal Entities in the form of association «Meat Union of Kazakhstan» was established in 2014 by the representatives of the meat industry in order to protect interests and cooperate in strengthening efforts for the dynamic development of the meat industry in Kazakhstan.

Development of meat cattle breeding for 2018-2027

Today «Meat Union of Kazakhstan» unites domestic agricultural producers with overall output capacity more than 50 000 tons of meat per year:

Breeding livestock farms and The Republican Chamber of Angus of Kazakhstan with more than 100 000 cows

Commercial breeding farms with more than 1 000 000 cows

ПIndustrial feedlots with overall capacity of 100 000 heads

Certified meat processing plants with total capacity of 50 000 tons of meat output per year

Goals and objectives of the Union:

  • Development of the Kazakhstani meat industry as a significant member of international meat trade
  • Implementation of modern technologies and genetics to increase the profitability of the industry
  • Worldwide branding of the Kazakh meat as Halal and natural/organic product
  • Protection and lobbying the interests of the members of the Union
  • Organizing the export of meat on sustainable basis
  • Monitoring of the production run and quality of the output goods
  • Certification of production, including for the export

180 million hectares of pastures

Kazakhstan ranks 5th place in the world by pastures (China - 393 million hectares, Australia - 350 million hectares, the USA - 251 million hectares, Brazil - 196 million hectares)

7 million tons of grain

Annual surplus of 7 million tons of grain is enough for producing at least 1 million tons of high quality beef worth about $5 billion

Geographical location

Geographical neighborhood to China and Russia, which import capacity more than 2 million tons of meat every year.

Map of the enterprises of the meat industry in Kazakhstan

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